Friday, June 7, 2019

Bloghouse Scottsdale - Day 1

I'm in Scottsdale, AZ at Bloghouse Scottsdale (a travel blog conference). I have never done something conference-like for my blog, but I figured it was a good time to learn more about what I have been doing as a hobby for almost 10 years (this November). As I walked around the resort this morning, I was struck by these beautiful flowers.
I arrived the night before in order to take part in my first FAM ("familiarization") activity with Discover Gilbert in Gilbert, AZ. Glenn bought us a lovely brunch (which makes this photo sponsored). I had this delicious plate of chilaquiles at Liberty Market, which is housed in a former grocery store founded in 1935.
We took a walk around the adorable downtown, where I found this cute mural.
We spotted Topo (the gopher-topped burrito restaurant) across the street and learned that they also served prickly pear soft serve ice cream.
I am never one to turn down ice cream, especially local flavors, so we stopped by. I had the prickly pear with a lime shell dip. It was so good!
On our way back to Scottsdale (I went with two other travel bloggers), we stopped by Agritopia, a planned community around a family farm and community gathering places.
They had a coffee shop, a wine bar, lots of independently owned artisan shops, and this self-serve farmer's market. If you are ever nearby, you need to make this a lunch and wander stop!
After our Gilbert tour, the retreat kicked off in a classroom with critiques (!!!) and sessions about monetization, affiliate marketing, niches to blog about, and more. Once we wrapped that up, we headed to a Welcome Reception hosted by the Andaz Scottsdale (I love their properties!). They focus on local artists and display a lot of it throughout the rooms, spa, meeting spaces, and on-site restaurant. 
We enjoyed drinks and snacks on the lawn while listening to a live band and trying our hand at crafts - which I wasn't so great at. It was nice to get to have some casual time with these great female travel bloggers.
The sunset over the resort was such a nice way to end the day. I know I am in for a lot of learning, which will lead to a lots of personal projects in my spare time. I look forward to sharing more with you tomorrow!


  1. Isn't agritopia adorable and Gilbert is just the cutest! I'm so glad that you enjoyed your Bloghouse experiences! I did Indy 2 years ago and the friends I made are wonderful and a provide awesome blog therapy!

    1. Hi Andi! Yes, I had a great time, and learned SO much and met wonderful people! I am excited to get to work on "all the things". :)

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