Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Rediscovering Seattle

I haven't been to Seattle for quite a few years. The city has changed immensely since I was last in town, maybe ten years ago (I don't even have any blog posts tagged with Seattle) - lots of high-rise buildings and so many new restaurants! One thing that hasn't changed is Pike Place Market, so I made a point to stop by on my early morning walk after landing at 8:30am (I was up way too early for my time traveling). I envy the locals who can shop from vendors like this one with fresh fish for days, yum!
Since I had woken up at 3:30am, boarded a plane, and taken a shared Lyft downtown to my hotel, I was STARVING when I finally caught my breath. I had looked for highly rated restaurants near my hotel and came up with Biscuit Bitch (aggressive name but surprisingly sweet staff who peppered customers with "honey cakes" and "lovey" on the regular as they ordered and were served). I had this delicious combo of a "Bitchwich" with egg, cheddar, veggie sausage, and yummy sauce, along with a side of amazing grits. 
During my post-biscuit morning walk, I stumbled across this series of downspouts. As a lover of functional design, I wanted to figure out why this was configured this way. I think it's a rainwater catchment system of sorts, according to a quick Google image search.
After working from my hotel room and attending the "early bird" reception, I ventured out for some dinner at Shaker + Spear. I started off with this delicious salmon tartar, avocado, and everything crackers and a Corpse Reviver #2 - Edinburgh seaside gin, lillet blanc, triple sec, lemon, and absinthe rinse (background).
And then, I had the Chèvre, beets, butter lettuce, and walnut dressing salad...
...along with the MOST amazing gingered brussel sprouts - they were so good, I ruined my appetite for dessert.
Afterwards, I took another walk around downtown in search of Bathtub Gin & Co., which I had just read about recently.
I finished off a pretty nice day with a "Silent Treatment" - gin, Ancho Reyes Verde, grandeza, lime, agave, and tiki bitters. It was smooth and spicy with a slight smokey hint. The bartender also gave me a few local gin recommendations - if only I had time to tour some distilleries on this trip, but I am excited to take part in a learning and evaluation in grant-making conference starting today!

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