Friday, May 31, 2019

Rediscovering Seattle - Days 2 + 3

Known as a coffee mecca, I had to check out as many local coffee shops as possible. On my second day in Seattle, I headed to Anchorhead Coffee for a tasty latte (and a blueberry scone, which disappeared too fast for photos). The latte was delicious, but the decor and vibe of the shop was my favorite part - I do love anchors, rustic rope, and narwhals!
I'm in Seattle for the GEO Funders Learning Conference (focused on measurement and evaluation of philanthropic investments). Between sessions I walked by something called the "Healing Room" and heard some music and a maraca coming from inside. I ducked in and found a beautiful oasis of calm that included coloring books, meditation stations, and this make-your-own scent sachet. I thought it was so nice and feels like something every conference needs. You can reach out to the organizer at Centered Spaces here to book for your next event/conference that could use a little calm.
After lunch, I needed a little fresh air between sessions - and the sun was OUT (it doesn't always rain)! I walked around the block to Top Pot Doughnuts for a little treat.
I had this tasty raspberry glazed chocolate cake donut - yum!
After the conference reception, I headed to see some friends I met in St. Thomas a year and a half ago when we were all volunteering after the hurricanes. Pamela and Andrew live in a beautiful house they built that overlooks the Seattle skyline.
A better view, without our smiling faces in the way.
Pamela made us this amazing spread of vegetarian delights - which we ate on the roof before chatting and warming ourselves with wine and a fire. It's so fun to get to travel to places and catch up with friends, I definitely don't take that privilege for granted.
Keeping in the spirit of trying as many coffee shops as possible, on my last morning, I headed to Monorail Espresso for an iced latte. As I was paying I spotted their most delicious looking chocolate chip cookies, which I skipped, but if you're ever in town, have one for me!
On my walk for doughnuts, er I mean, fresh air yesterday - I came across the Seattle Spheres by Amazon. Since Andrew works for the real estate arm of Amazon, he offered to give me a tour before I headed to the airport.
The spheres are home to "more than 40,000 plants from the cloud forest regions of over 30 countries." It's quite impressive.
The space is primarily for Amazon employees (it's part of Amazon's 40-50 building downtown campus) to co-work and relax. They have tours open to the public on the weekends - definitely worth checking out if you're in town.
Although the trip was way too short, and I missed my travel partner in crime, it was a lovely couple of days getting back in the know of what's going on in Seattle. Thanks for stopping by!

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