Saturday, April 6, 2019

Need an Adventure?

As you know from reading this blog, I am pretty obsessed with finding my next travel opportunity and/or destination. If you know me personally, you know that I LOVE free things. I have been seeing a trend (that I hope continues) with companies and countries' tourism boards using travel freebies as advertising. It makes sense, they pay for the travel expenses of one (or maybe a couple of) winners and they have gained a ton of mostly free publicity and everyone's email addresses in return. It's fun to dream about your odds of winning just the same. I have found a few gems that you might want to apply/enter to win:

"Belizesure" Deadline to Enter: April 9, 2019

I came across this opportunity to win a trip from Belize's Tourism Board to check out Belize's new over-water bungalow co-working space in Fast Company. At the time, all I could find was the email address to send your entry with an explanation of why you should be picked (I am terrible at those!) and now it's got it's own website, complete with rules and more photos. If you work remotely and feel like you might like a shot at doing it from a remote, private island, you should definitely enter to win. (Photo: Belize Tourism Board)
"A Night at the Louvre" Deadline to Enter: April 12, 2019

has been working on a new partnership in Paris with the Louvre museum. To promote some new experiences that you will be able to start booking in May (until the end of 2019) through Airbnb with the Louvre--concerts, behind-the-scenes tours--they are giving one lucky winner a trip to Paris to stay in the iconic Pyramid, complete with breakfast in bed, dinner with the Venus de Milo, and more. To enter, visit this link, log into your Airbnb account, and fill in the form. You must be able to travel April 28-May 2. Just imagine Spring in Paris, for free. (Photo: Airbnb)
"Rent a Finn" Deadline to Enter: April 21, 2019

For the past two years, Finland has taken home the prize of happiest country in the world in the UN's World Happiness Report, which is determined by how happy their citizens report they are. In celebration, Finland is offering the chance to "Rent a Finn"--which is a chance to win a trip to learn about the ways of Finnish life from one of eight individuals or couples who have signed up to be your happiness guide. The trip will take place this summer for three days - I only hope they let you extend your stay a little longer so you can explore the woods alone. You must create and submit a video along with your form submission.

Is the trip option not for you but you're wondering if your life is in balance? You can take their quiz and receive advice on how to reduce stress and improve your performance. (Photo: Rent A Finn)
Some of these trips are for two, so if you win and you need a travel companion, I'm your girl! Also, I realize that I am a tad overdue for my next blog winner weekend, but I am thinking about what it will be and will share details and a chance to win soon! Happy dreaming and traveling!

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  1. Well, I don't think any of those trips fit the bill for me right now, but I did take the quiz 😊 Thanks for the inspiration in general!