Sunday, September 16, 2018

Iceland - Day 4 - Dinner Edition

We started off dinner at Nostra with a cocktail (Brian) and a glass of sparkling rosé (me).
The meal was six courses, although it was more with the amuse bouche (cheese and chives wrapped in radish), the tiny focaccia rolls (not pictured), and the tapioca and seaweed crisps (hiding out of focus in the background). The courses were paired with delicious wines from New Zealand's St. Clair Family Estate (now we definitely have to go back to visit the South island!).
The first course was tiny scallops in a cream sauce with basil oil (also, I am recalling most of this from memory as there was no written menu, so pardon my brevity or incorrectness, in case the restaurant is peeking here). I have never liked scallops, however, these were raw and delicate and I loved them.
The second course was raw shrimp and cod liver wrapped in radish, 
The third course was arctic char with accompaniments.
The fourth course was a barbecued carrot with pistachios.
The fifth (and main) course was torched salmon with chive oil and hazelnut and grilled romaine salad. The salad was particularly amazing.
The sixth (and final) course was a jasmine poached pear with white chocolate sorbet and verbena oil. Very delicious! Hope you're not too hungry now - see you real soon for the concluding weekend's recap.

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