Monday, April 16, 2018

Eindhoven - Part III

Our last full day started with four more choose-your-own-adventure options. I picked the bike tour of the city (Dad, can you believe it?). Our hotel had enough bikes in the basement for everyone staying in the hotel to have a bike - literally hundreds. We checked out our bikes, figured out the back pedal braking and got on our way.
Many of the buildings, houses, and factories were built by Dr. Frits Philips - who founded Philips Electronics in Eindhoven in 1891 (as a lightbulb factory, initially). For the 75th anniversary of the company, Philips wanted to build a cutting-edge science museum as a gift to the community, and commissioned the building of the Evoluon, which has since been transformed into a conference center. 
As you might be able to tell from the last photo, it was very grey and cold during our adventure. My favorite part of the morning was a stop at Piet Hein Eek's design studio. He uses a lot of reclaimed wood and features work of other local designers and artists in his space. 
I loved the clean lines next to the rawness of the scrap wood. The perfect balance of casual elegance that I can never seem to pull off in my own house.
These giant flowers are made of felt, wire, and plastic. This was probably my favorite photo that I took all week.
Back at TAC, we got to work and broke only for lunch in the funky dining room. Our meal was prepared by Minyoung's Food Lab. Minyoung is a designer and a cook and creates fusion food using ingredients from the Netherlands, while preserving her Korean heritage.
The vegan dish was perfection - the rice was out of this world.
Before the final dinner, I took a stroll around town to find the river, which is really more of a canal. I love weeping willow trees.
We went to Wall Street for our celebratory dinner. They had a bunch of interesting things in the space, like a vending machine where you paid to have a dish fall and break, and this live jukebox where you could call a number and pay a guy five euros to come and sing a song. (I was just posing, no song singing for me that night.)
We had a lively meal, full of conversation and good food. It was a nice way to end a productive week before we set off on our separate journeys home. Until we meet again, friends!

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