Saturday, April 14, 2018

Eindhoven - Part I

This past week, I was lucky enough to travel to the Netherlands to work on the planning for MozFest 2018. There were 42 of us from 14 countries, both Mozilla staff and volunteers. I arrived in Amsterdam and took the train up to Eindhoven for the retreat. I walked by these beauties in the train station.
Walking to and from dinners and our hotel, took us past St. Catherine's Church repeatedly. It was beautiful during the day...
...and at night. Bicycles were everywhere, explaining the parking lot for them next to the church.
After three flights and a train, I dropped my bags off at The Student Hotel and headed to de Karseboom for the welcome dinner. After a nearly 24-hour journey (Sunday to Monday) and a 7-hour time zone shift, I wanted something healthy and fresh to eat. This avocado salad with green asparagus, tempeh "bacon", eggs, parmesan cheese, and miso dressing was amazing!
I had heard that the cherry blossoms were in bloom so I was very excited to spot this courtyard full of trees on our way to the retreat space, I had to jump up on a planter for this shot.
We spent the week at the Temporary Art Centre, which is home to many artists, exhibits and community spaces. It was the perfect place to be inspired and think creatively about the festival we are planning for London in the fall.
We ate lunch in a room that had a giant treehouse-like structure, with picnic tables suspended in what seemed like midair. We had assorted sandwiches (mine was brie, honey, walnuts, and rocket salad) and these incredibly fluffy donuts.
We had a delicious, family-style dinner at Calypso. It wasn't open to the public that night, so we had it all to ourselves. They served so many courses that it was nearly impossible to get photos of things. There was a ton of fish, shellfish, cheese, veggies, soups, salads, sauces, and chocolate cake for dessert. It was a nice chance to relax and meet new folks over dinner, before everyone succumbed to their various jet-lagged bodies.

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