Monday, January 1, 2018

Beautiful Banff - Day 3

Okay, so as we were planning our trip, I saw this "mountain top New Year's Eve yoga class" and thought that it sounded like an amazing way to wind down 2017. Upon closer inspection, I found that in order to do it, you also had to take a gondola ride up Sulphur Mountain. As someone who has always been terrified of heights, I figured I would worry about that part later. Last night I thought I might have a panic attack, but I was able to sleep and made it to the terminal.
I waited until the very last second to get in the line (and a giant tour bus had just pulled into the lot). When I realized that two other people would be riding with us, I forewarned them that I may act like a small child but I had my own tissues. They were super nice and chatted with us the whole 8 minute ride. The woman kept telling me I was doing a great job, patting my leg from time to time. I had my eyes closed most of the way up but wanted this photo proof that I actually did it. I was pretty excited that I didn't even cry (which my mom--and some small boys from a ski-lift incident in Tahoe--knows is an accomplishment).
It really was worth the terror of that tiny little box to take in the full view of the Canadian Rockies and Banff National Park.
After an awesome yoga class, which really helped work out the previous two days of skiing, we bundled up to check out the view from the observation deck. There are seriously mountains on every side - so incredible.
This is the face of relief, and a tasty tequila cocktail to help my nerves survive the way down.
They snapped everyone's photo on your way back down in the terminal, right before the doors closed. We thought it was good enough to buy (although you had to purchase printed copies, hence the slightly wonky crop job on my part).
On our way back to downtown Banff, we stopped off at Surprise Corner to get a good view of the Fairmont Hotel (which is where we had sushi on our first night). There is another, equally as beautiful Fairmont Hotel in Lake Louise (where we had lunch the other day), which is about 40 minutes from Banff. 
We spent the afternoon walking around the shops in the shadow of the mountains. (Brian took this from the middle of a crosswalk.) Afterwards, we soaked in our hotel's rooftop hot tub (wearing our ski hats) and enjoyed the full moon. More on our NYE dinner in tomorrow's post -- but happy New Year to you!!

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