Sunday, January 28, 2018

48 Hours in Toronto - Part II

We started Day 2 with a tasty breakfast cooked by Ruzanna -- cheese blintzes and egg battered Canadian bagels (and tea).
After breakfast and showers, we headed out for adventure. First up was the Vikings exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum. We learned about Viking history and enjoyed pieces from history and the present. Due to the nature of sea-life, some items haven't survived and were recreated from painstaking research - like the Viking ship sail on the bottom left corner. My sword fighting was limited in range and Ruzanna was disappointed that the wool sack-style dresses weren't on offer in the exhibition gift shop.
While the wood failed to survive, these iron rivets from a boat did. I liked how they were displayed.
We fueled up with this tasty peanut butter tart in the café (and the fruit that Ruzanna had packed for us).
We spent some time walking through the rest of the museum, taking in as much as we could (but there is so much to see). I liked this modern art installation.
We then headed to Sweetgrass Spa for some relaxation, swimming and massages. It started raining right as we left the museum, so this was a perfect way to stay cozy.
Relaxed and ready for our night out!
My visit happened to fall during Winterlicious, so we had lots of exciting prix fixe options. Ruzanna picked Cibo Wine Bar for our pre-concert feast. We both had a glass of rosé, the polenta fries with gorgonzola dipping sauce, the salmon, and the gelato with berries. Everything was delicious (especially the bread, not pictured).
The main event of the weekend - DJ Jazzy Jeff and Skratch Bastid - took place in Koerner Hall at The Royal Conservatory. (And no, we didn't pass through a filter of light, but I liked this image in black & white better.)
The evening was full of hip hop greatness - turntablism, scratching, collaboration, and instrumentals. There were amazing vocalists, rappers, stories and dancing. A good time was definitely had by all, and in a very acoustically impressive space.
Ruzanna wanted to go to another comedy show afterwards, but alas, DJ Jazzy Jeff kept things going long enough that I was able to make it to bed by 1am. Thanks for stopping by!

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