Thursday, July 6, 2017

Big Sur Fun

The inside of Big Sur Roadhouse before the breakfast rush. I love spaces like this that are relaxed but beautiful (why is it so hard to make my house look like this?). This is the restaurant that serves the cabin and rooms where we're staying.
We had a yummy hiker-friendly breakfast to get the day started. I had the huevos rancheros and we shared a fresh fruit bowl. Not pictured: my latte and our complimentary homemade donuts.
If you've been following the nature news of California lately, you might have heard about the mudslide that happened about a month ago. A few months before that there was another landslide that damaged a bridge so badly that they had to blow it up this winter (they are currently rebuilding and hoping to have it open in September). And, at some other point recently, there was a third mudslide. All three are along Highway 1.

So, our plans to hike extensively were rather hindered by all the natural shifting going on and a lot of the trails being closed for various reasons. We still went to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, but our options were a bit limited. They recently built a Bypass Trail from campsite #31 that you can hike up to the rest of Big Sur from. So, we did that. (This photo is of the hike into the campground area of the park.)
When we arrived to what the locals are affectionately calling "The Island" the options for transport were rather limited. There is a shuttle bus that runs people back and forth about five miles to local businesses and there was a new electric bike rental shop that had just opened today. The plan was to bike 18 miles roundtrip to see a bunch of sites, however, we only made it about half of that. These 70-pound bikes were quite a challenge and the local highway traffic was a bit scary. It was a fun ride but it would probably have been better if I'd actually been on a bike in the past ten or twenty years...
It was pretty foggy while we were riding. The steepness of the cliffs is a little hard to capture but the rocky coast reminded me of Hawaii or Ireland. It was hard to take in the sights and stay on my bike. I only fell off once when another bike passed me out of nowhere - he circled back and I told him I was fine, just a little bruised ego and wrist sprain.
The best part about the biking was definitely this helmet's color...
...or when it was over, the local hard ciders and fire-roasted salsa and chips we had on the back patio of Big Sur Taphouse. YUM!

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