Sunday, August 30, 2015

Finding What You Need

In a recent issue of GOOD magazine, I poured over an entrancing photo essay by a photographer who took pictures of the way his hotel rooms looked when he checked in and the view outside his window. While I can't locate my copy (yes, I love old school paper versions of magazines), I did copy his style of my recent hotel room in St. Louis at the Hyatt by the Arch. Especially since it was a good one and I remembered before messing up the bed.
The weather was perfect the full four days I was in town - like in the 70's perfect. I had to find a couple of patios to enjoy the sunshine and the temperature. My first find was Three Sixty at the top of the Hilton at the Ballpark. The views were incredible, although the safety glass made it difficult to capture anything worth sharing here. I had a cocktail (a Been There Done That) and the crispy fish tacos - both were delicious!
My second patio find also came a couple of days later with a side of nostalgia. Peacemaker Restaurant was like walking down the sidewalk in my hometown, except for the chives in the lobster roll. I even had a blueberry wheat Sea Dog Brewing Co. beer in a can! The albacore crudo, while not something I remember from my childhood in Maine, was to die for -- the odd combination of jalapenos and smashed Corn Nuts on top just right.

The lobster roll, while flecked with a cousin of an onion (I HATE onions), had the most delicious housed-baked hot dog bun than more than made up for it. I somehow found room for a tart slice of lemon meringue pie that had a creamy, almost marhmallow-y, meringue on top, because there's always room for dessert. Thanks for stopping by!

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