Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pura Vida - Day 4

My last full day in paradise included some quality time on the beach, a sangria by the pool, seashell hunting and a cocktail class (I invented the mango-thyme mojito). I also snapped a photo of the hotel's mascot (a purple VW van with a surfboard on top). Not pictured was the yoga class I took in the morning.

I enjoyed the Chef's Special Tuna ceviche dish, a cocktail and the cucumber, sweet tofu and apple gazpacho. During dinner I watched the moon rise over the bay. It was like a movie made just for me.
Also, in case you wondered, here are a few of he best/worst things about vacationing alone:
-       You can use all the towels – why do I need three for one shower? Who cares, there all mine!
-       No one will judge you if you sleep in and skip yoga (which I actually didn’t do since there was only one class offered this week)

-       You pick the place/time/duration of all activities
-       Everyone at the resort knows your name since you’re the only person alone at a romantic locale (except this one guy who thinks my name is Susan, I’m trying to get used to answering to that)
-       You can sleep diagonal in the bed (a nod to Phish, yes, but also surprisingly comfortable)
-       It’s easier to make friends with random staff and guests – they wonder what the heck you’re doing alone
-       You have to Skype someone to read aloud the best parts of “Yes Please” (my vacation read)
-       No one to put sunscreen on the spot you can’t reach on your back (but that’s why they invented the spray bottle)
-       Typically your vacation shots are all selfies but you learn to get better at taking them

-       You realize you haven't said anything to anyone all day besides "hola"
-       Walking home at night may call on your ninja skills but it’s usually just a wild animal

-       Eating every meal alone (giving you time to think, which I guess is technically good but there are three meals a day, yikes!)

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