Thursday, June 12, 2014

Eating San Francisco - Day 2

Although it had been recommended to me as a cocktail spot, it was a working lunch, so I curbed the urge and ordered a basil lemonade and a margherita pizza for lunch at Zero Zero. Both were delicious and not a smell remained when I was done.
After work, we headed to Anchor & Hope to officially wrap up our two-day working session. We ordered three Esprit de Corps and I tried my very first oyster. I had always thought oysters were scary - like jello shots that you're not supposed to chew but somehow manage to block your windpipe (I know, I'm nuts) - but it was actually quite delicious and was easy to manage.
After work, Dynasti picked me up and we headed to the SOMA StrEat Food Park for dinner. I had the JuJu Balls (creamy potato, cream cheese, citrus zest and mint - deep fried), the Eggman (which, I realized after I got it, had some fancy sausage on it that I promptly removed) and a cup of strawberry watermelon sangria. Delicious!
After dinner, Dynasti needed to head home to get some work done so she dropped me off at Per Diem for a nightcap and some dessert. One of my co-workers had recommended the place, describing it as "under the radar." I had the Eva Perron (Fernet-Branca, ginger beer, lime, Domaine de Canton, and Carpano Antica -- I only know what three of those things are) and the pot de chocolate. I rolled out of there and took a stroll around the city to work off at least one of my items from the day but it sure was tasty!

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