Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Eating San Francisco - Day 1

While Kansas City certainly has it's fair share of great food, there are certain things missing or, I'd like to think, yet undiscovered to me. Whenever I travel, I try to fill the culinary gaps in my life with local specialties, and maybe one or two trips to Starbucks to make me feel like I'm back home.

Counterclockwise starting upper, left corner: breakfast - greek yogurt with toasted coconut flakes + raspberry preserves and an iced latte at 'wichcraft; lunch - vegetarian spring rolls (not pictured) and Bun Tom at Tin Vietnamese Cuisine which was so good that I ate my whole meal without a single photo (thanks Foodspotting!); dinner - avocado + shrimp roll, yellowtail sushi and a roll with tempura sweet potato, cucumber and garlic tuna on top at Otoro Sushi - two big thumbs up!

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  1. This is your Mother!! Your palate has truly developed since I heard every night:do I have to eat that !!!????