Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer in the City - Day 2

What a day!
We started out at Gimme! Coffee (4) for an iced mocha and triple berry donuts and then headed to stand in line at the TKTS booth in Brooklyn (a new location). After scoring 50% off tickets to a show for Saturday night and a Sunday matinee, we headed to Smorgasburg for some lunch on the water. I had the best nachos I've ever had (6) at El Gato Nacho - homemade chips and sauces were just perfect. After a limeade and a little more walking around, we headed to OddFellows for a scoop of homemade ice cream (3). I had the confetti flavor. 

We went back to Brian and Jessica's apartment and had an afternoon glass of champagne and some cheese. It was such a perfect temperature outside and the setting (2) was perfect to catch up on some reading. Jessica and I headed to Broadway, shortly afterwards, to watch Once (1), our first of two shows for the weekend. We got a tip that if you get there 30 minutes early, you can hang out on the stage, get a beer and listen to an on-stage concert from the cast (who all play instruments in the show). It was awesome and Jessica and I both sang and danced a little so we could say we'd done that on a Broadway stage. The show, based on the movie of the same name, was fantastic.

After taking the subway back to Brooklyn, we went to dinner (at 11pm, crazy kids!). We had the most amazing sushi (5) at Suzume and a nice, long conversation over a giant can of Sapporo. We then went back to the apartment and Brian had prepared us fancy egg cream-topped cocktails with edible flowers to go with the cannolis (7) we'd picked up earlier from Fortunato Brothers Cafe. Both were incredible and were a wonderful end to an amazing day. Thanks for popping in!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Summer in the City - Day 1

I started off my trip to NYC with an appointment at JFK to finish my Global Entry application. For the low price of $100, you can apply and skip the line at customs when you come back into the US. As an added bonus, you get a Trusted Traveler ID card which allows you to expedite domestic security and keep your shoes/belt on! The only hassle is the in-person interview, which is only offered at select airports (read, not Kansas City). When I booked my trip, I scheduled the interview and it was a breeze. I've never had an interaction with the government that was so quick and painless - seriously took two minutes to answer a question, get my photo snapped and fingerprints taken.

Next up was lunch. Since I am a new owner of a orthodontic appliance, my food choices are limited to soft foods for the time being. This led to a lunch of my favorite food - pancakes. We dined outside at Five Leaves where I had this scrumptious tower of ricotta pancakes with berries, bananas and honeycomb butter.
Afterwards, we headed to Soho for a cupcake at Sugar Sweet Sunshine, which for $1.75 delivers on all of the aforementioned words, and to check out the new Piperlime flagship store, far easier to navigate than the site itself (so many options online).
After a bite on the run from 'sNice, we headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which at first sounded a little stuffy. However, my friends had gotten us on a #HacktheMet tour which gives an offbeat, behind-the-scenes look into a small selection of pieces. It was an awesome way to see the museum, even for a non-art museum person like me. We stayed after hours and had wine and snacks and then heard about a few more pieces of art with the place all to ourselves. A special treat if you're ever nearby.