Friday, July 27, 2012

Middle Earth Nights

Sometimes, the harder it is to get somewhere, the more worth it it seems. We left our house yesterday at 2am (PST) and arrived to Qualicum Beach, B.C. around 5:30pm. As previewed previously, we checked into our sphere and had a cozy evening. I felt like an elf in a tree and Brian said he felt like a Hobbit - both in good ways, of course.

Our welcome snack basket (not pictured - a birthday banner on our sphere's door)
Albeit small, the sphere is packed with everything you need, from board games to coffee maker to head lamps. Overlooking a small pond, we were rocked to sleep in this giant swing. All day today I have felt myself swaying a little, involuntarily.


  1. Only you,Jenn!!! Have you taken up knitting yet???
    Love your new adventure pod!! Love, Aunt Leslie

  2. I love that you stayed here!