Thursday, June 21, 2012


My watch battery died about a week ago. I haven't had time to drop it off for it's tiny, restorative surgery. I looked in the drawer of my nightstand, only to find another dead watch and my "Africa" watch, which is cheap, clunky and caked in bug-spray gunk. This leads to me now walking around wondering what time it is. Oh, this is not some blog post about how liberated I feel having no idea what time it is, nor is it about how I figured out I could tell time on my phone. If it were the latter, that would do me no good anyways as I am currently sitting on a plane.

My watch-less state has made me slightly more introspective, I'd like to think. I often find myself feeling constrained by time, feeling like it is going way too fast while at the same time feeling utterly happy with the way I get to spend it. Maybe I should just stop thinking about it so much, which I guess may be a distant cousin to the "liberated by time-cluelessness" but I'd like to think of it as less cliche than that.

By trying to enjoy all of the minutes I do get, I might be able to stop obsessing about productivity, deadlines, and looming events (like spring semester perhaps?). Didn't I make some kind of resolution about that back in January? No wait, that was about failing better. Wait, I think I can manage those two together. Thanks for stopping by!

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