Wednesday, November 2, 2011

At Your Service

Cooking with Teresita in Buenos Aires. (It's me behind the hair-curtain, measuring some flour for some homemade empanadas.)
I met a woman this past weekend, at the conference I attended in Chicago, who is going to be traveling to Argentina soon for a vacation. I also spoke with someone from a blog comment who is traveling to Thailand shortly. Both of them were interested in hearing some ideas on what not to miss. These two interactions got me thinking that there are lots of wonderful places and adventures that I have been on prior to starting this blog.

I was hoping that if you had any questions or were wanting any recommendations on things to do/see, places to eat, activities to try, etc. in any of the places I have been that you would ask. You can leave a comment, tweet me, sky-write to me, whatever. I would love to help! And, if there are places I haven't been to yet, I just might know someone else who could give you some personal tips. Just ask away!

And while we're on the subject, here are my not-to-be-missed recommendations for Argentina:

  • We stayed at the Villaggio Hotel which was on a quiet little street in downtown Mendoza. (Brian was thrilled that they had an English-speaking front desk staff.)
  • In order to see wine-country the right way, we booked a wine tour w/tour guide with The Grapevine - if you go, ask if Fabio is still giving tours, he was amazing!
  • We ended our time in Mendoza with one of the most memorable meals in our life-time (for a variety of reasons) - a 15 course meal at 743 Bistro. The head chef of many of the vineyard's restaurant kitchens has this test kitchen in his home, quite the treat.
I loved that you could see the Andes from many of the vineyards we visited in Mendoza.
    Buenos Aires:
    • The cooking class was one of the best things we did in the city (see link above). 
    • The antiques fair in Sal Telmo was a wonderful combo of people watching, spontaneous tango and musicians. This takes place on Sundays.
    • We went with a tour group to a club soccer match (River Plate vs. Boca Juniors), it was crazy fun and we were glad we took the tour-book's advice to go with a group that knew what they were doing.
    • We also spent half a day wandering around the Recoleta Cemetery - one of the most fascinating places in the city. It's a little spooky, a lot historic and unlike anything I had ever seen before. You could see bones in coffins and cats all over the place!
    • Finally, I would definitely recommend renting an apartment for a purely authentic experience (made much more so by the fact that we don't speak Spanish). We rented a great place in Palermo Viejo through ByT Argentina.

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