Thursday, October 13, 2011

Not there Yet

Liberians in Nimba County wait to cast their vote on October 11th.
On the coattails of co-winning the Nobel Peace Prize, the current Liberian President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, awaits the next chapter of her country's history along with almost 4 million other Liberians in the country and many still abroad. In order to avoid any errors, and to minimize the chance of violence, the results from Tuesday's election won't be officially announced until October 26th (although there are reports of preliminary results being announced today and so far Sirleaf is leading). At that time it is still possible that the election is undecided (and no candidate has received the required 50% of the votes) and a run-off election will have to take place.

A run-off election occurs when two parties are two close to call and another election is needed to decide - if needed, this will be held on November 6th. In the interim there are worries about violence resurging (the U.N. peacekeeping troops stationed there are set to leave September 30th unless they are voted to stay). However, it's been peaceful so far and there is still hope and excitement in the country about rebuilding a new Liberia and moving forward together. Here's to peace to all Liberians and hoping that progress continues!

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