Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Behind the Scenes

When I set out to do my last blog contest I was obviously on a budget, but I still wanted it to be fun for you guys. I decided to try and solicit some companies for some of my favorite items to give-away, especially since I had written about them all in previous posts. I just randomly emailed their customer service departments, which may be why I had low response rates, and asked if they would like to send me anything in return for a mention on the blog and a link back to their site. I knew it was a shot in the dark but I figured it would pad my prize-pack, which was made up mostly of things I got with rewards points from my credit card and my MyPoints rewards (if you haven't used that site before, you should).

Last week when I was in the Keys, I got a short email asking me where to send the stuff (not sure what stuff it was, but I supplied my home address anyway). Then yesterday I got a package (don't you just love mail?) and this was inside:

6 sets of Outdoor Products' 3-Pack Ultimate Dry Sacks. These are amazing! I hiked up a waterfall in Jamaica with my camera in the blue bag and it was perfectly dry when we got to the top!

So now, I have more things to give away! I'll make it really easy, the first six people to comment on this post will get a set mailed to you - what a deal!

Also, Brian sent me a link to this article last week about people who competitively collect countries like you would baseball cards, I think you might like it too. Thanks for checking in, hope you're having a lovely week!


  1. I like stuff sacks!! Aunt Leslie

  2. Yay yay! Am I number 6? Did I win? ; )

  3. I read the same article Brian shared with you - how fascinating!

  4. What waterfall did you hike?

  5. Rachel, I know it, all those places no one has even heard of too. I'd better get busy! ;)

    Crystal, we hiked Dunn's River Falls in Montego Bay. It was cool but a little nerve-wracking to be hiking in only a bathing suit.

    Thank you to the top 6 - Derrick, Jamie, Aunt Leslie, Julie, Ellie and Jessica! I'll be getting them to you soon.