Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Rest of NYC

On Sunday, we met up with some good friends from college and their 2 year old daughter, Angelina, for some brunch at Bubby's Pie Company. I had been to the Brooklyn location before but this time we visited the original location in Tribeca.
I am sure they make other delicious things at Bubby's, but I am only interested in the pancakes for breakfast, brunch or anytime I can get them. Between our table of 4.5 we ordered three kinds, from left to right: blueberry, sour cream w/strawberries (my pick, so good!) and banana walnut.
After brunch we walked down to see the progress being made on One World Trade (Freedom Tower). We would have liked to have gone in to see the 9/11 Memorial but there aren't visitor passes available until mid-November - so if you are planning on visiting at some point go online and reserve your pass now.
After doing a little shopping in the city, Brian and I headed back to Brooklyn for dinner with Jessica and Brian. (Oh yes, we made it to and from Manhattan on the subway*!) We ate at a delicious Italian place called Fiore. The lighting was a little dim (hence the sort of odd colored food picture) but it was cozy and relaxed. We shared a bottle of wine and this amazing appetizer - Calamaretti fritti con zucchine corccanti (or fried calamari and zucchini). Back at their apartment, Jessica's Brian made us a cocktail, a nice way to end the day.
On Monday Brian and I walked down the street to the Blue Bottle Coffee Co. It reminded me of how nice it would be to walk more places at home, especially good places. For lunch we went to Pies & Thighs with Jessica before we headed to the airport. Pictured is my grilled cheese and Arnold Palmer and Jessica's Chicken Biscuit.
In all, it was a wonderful weekend - cool fall weather, good friends, the general hum of the city, people watching, minimal subway hassles and my second pared down packing challenge a success - had everything I needed and more. Thanks for checking in!

*Our subway travels were made easier by using HopStop, a great suggestion from Jessica. They have other cities besides NYC and helps you plan your route, pick up times, etc. for your public transport/taxi/bike/walking needs.

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