Monday, September 5, 2011


I was driving home on Friday from south of Kansas City. I followed the sign above only to find out an hour later that I had actually traveled south, instead of north. This was discovered this when I arrived in a town that I had not been to on my way down in the morning. That's part of the problem with driving in Kansas, it looks the same no matter what direction you are heading. Anyway, I was more than frustrated to discover that my one hour drive home was turning into a three hour drive. You may be wondering how such an idiotic thing is possible, as I was, but there were no highway markers along the road alerting me to my mistake.

After I cooled off from being angry with myself - for wasting time, gas and making my leisurely evening very hectic, leaving myself no time for dinner, etc. - I thought about the following (which I think sort of redeemed the event for me a little bit):

How often are we cruising down the road of life with little regard for the direction we're headed in? Misreading, or ignoring, signs that would keep us on track or lend help when we were entering new territory? When we do screw up, why don't we cut ourselves a little slack or get a little perspective on things before cursing everything around us, or just ourselves? I know I could do better at all of these but at least I am noticing them. I guess that's the first step. Thanks for checking in and I hope you have a great week!

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