Friday, August 19, 2011

Leaving Home

UMKC's mascot bush on campus.
In one of my classes this past week, our Organizational Leadership professor introduced us to the three main steps of the spiritual journey:

  1.) Leaving home - escaping the shackles of convention

  2.) The quest - entering wilderness, plunging the depths, confronting demons

  3.) Returning home - armed w/gifts earned during the journey

He also likened these steps to paralleling virtually all movie plots. As I thought about my first week of boot camp grad school, I thought about traveling and all the journeys I have been on. Walking on campus for the first time yesterday, trying to find where I could procure my student ID, I felt like a stranger in a foreign land. I had to stop and ask for directions, walk farther than anticipated due to poor parking/map coordination and endure the Kansas City heat - which rivaled any African heat I have experienced. But despite that, I am excited to be starting on another wild ride because who knows where I might end up and the gifts I will end up carrying. Thanks for checking in!

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