Monday, August 22, 2011

Good Times

In addition to several other places I mentioned recently I have also been wanting to check out the Livestrong Sporting Park. When my friend Alicia asked if I wanted to see Bush with her there - in addition to Incubus, Neon Trees, etc. - I was all in. Unfortunately for Livestrong, I found the venue to be a bust as far as hospitality and navigation goes. However, the bands, weather and seats were great. I'll probably give it another try sometime for what they were built for - football (aka - American soccer).

From top left (clockwise): Gavin, my free berry plate from the dessert bar (my thanks to the servers who didn't know how to charge me for "just berries"), Alicia and I chilling in the good seats and the stage for Buzz Beach Ball.
Despite some awkward moments standing in the middle of a mini drug den and dodging crowd-surfing feet while Bush played, it was a solid show. Alicia had been waiting 15 years to see Bush in concert and was not disappointed. Incubus was as good as I remembered from my college days (despite the slow ballads thrown in for good measure) and the awesome female drummer/backing vocalist for Neon Trees made my day. In all, it was a great day. Thanks for checking in!


  1. Thanks again, Jenn! You're a true friend for braving that crazy crowd with me!

  2. Jenn- Those names are some blasts from the past! Glad you had a good time.