Friday, August 26, 2011

Finally Going Back

I know it's a t-shirt cliché, but I ♥ New York City! Last summer I was there for work and I had reminisced on the blog about a memory from my childhood. I was lucky enough to have lived there from kindergarten through second grade, which although short was that time in your life where you are impressionable and can actually remember things that went on (as opposed to being 2 years old). After my family moved away we continued to visit NYC about once a year and I continued to love it and learn more about what makes it so unique. I am taking Brian there in three weeks and I am hoping to give him a tour of some of my favorite things.

Arial view of the island, courtesy of The Trust for Governor's Island.
I am most excited to show him where I used to live - Governors Island, just off lower Manhattan. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal to show someone an island you grew up on but it was a military base for 200 years and has been closed since 1996. After it closed, the rumor mill started up - it was going  to be given to NYU for research, they were going to build a resort there for the uber-riche, it was just going to be closed...and finally, what really happened - it opened as a public park after it was sold to the State of NY for $1. They have recently built some of the park and have lots more plans to go before the whole island is a glorious and historic park (still maintaining many of the old forts, canons, mansions, etc.)

A walk near Colonel's Row, best trick-or-treating spot ever! (Photo courtesy of The Trust for Governor's Island.)
I bet it's changed a lot since the mid-80's. I am sure P.S. 26 (my elementary school) has been torn down, in addition to our military housing, the bowling alley, the swimming pools, the ferry station where my mom used to sell her banana cake, etc. It will be a little sad to see (or not see, I guess) but I am hoping some things remain that I can point out and feel familiar with. I will be sure to report what I find there when we go. As the island closes up this weekend in anticipation of Hurricane Irene, I have memories of boarding up our windows there in anticipation of Hurricane Gloria - I guess some things never change.

The view from Governors Island - this was what we saw out of our living room window growing up. (Photo courtesy of The Trust for Governor's Island.)
Interested in checking it out for yourself? The free weekend ferries from Manhattan and Brooklyn make it easy and affordable to go out and have a look around, pack a picnic and enjoy the view of the Statue of Liberty from the prettiest island on earth. Thanks for checking in!


  1. You didn't go already, did you? Cafe con Leche on the upper west side. 80th and Amsterdam (right around the corner from Zabars.) It is on Amsterdam on the west side of the street between 80 and 81. Get a cup of cafe con leche and the huevos rancheros for breakfast/lunch. I love their dinners as well ... but it is breakfast I most love!

  2. Yummy, I will see if I can't just squeeze that in. Thanks Liz!