Saturday, August 6, 2011

Family Fun

The best part of our vacation was spending unlimited time with our family and friends that had gathered up in northeastern Maine for the week. From the porch sing-a-long to the group swims to the giant feasts prepared, it was a great time for memory making and bonding. Here are some pictures of most of our group...

My dad leading the way in the boat convoy.
Every night is a potluck picnic - so much food, so little time.
Love that this looks unreal - like we're at Sears in front of a backdrop.
My mom in the background, Brian's mom on the left, Thomas, Brian's dad and Brian watching the Ukelele band at the GLS Folk Art Festival.
My little brother crooning with his band at the festival.
The sun setting over Grand Lake from our cabin's shore.
Saying goodbye to the lake and the beautiful weather.
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  1. I have really enjoyed the pictures posted from you and Brian's trip. Great sunsets and just all around nice pictures. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Brandon, coming from you that's a big compliment! I am working on trying to be a better photographer - I should get some tips from you! I hear we'll be in the car together for 18 hours soon, we might have time to discuss things then!