Monday, August 8, 2011

airbnb - Take One

A little while ago I wrote about and how we were going to try out the service as an inexpensive option to a hotel room when in Bangor. Unfortunately for, they have become more well known since then after a host had a really terrible experience (a tragedy really, I feel awful for her), you can read about it here. The good news is that airbnb has not only responded to the incident but apologized - a rarity it seems in our world. The even better news is that the service has added insurance for the hosts and has a list of other safeguards and measures to help protect everyone in the future.

Me chillin' on the Murphy Bed with my Kindle.
Our experience with our hostess, Rachael, was great. Everything from checking in rather early to comfort to friendliness of our hostess exceeded my expectations going in. I only wished we could've slept a full night but our early morning flight prevented that. The fact that the apartment was also within walking distance to downtown and only an $8 cab ride from the airport were much welcomed bonuses. The decor was adorable and gave me a few ideas for my own nest - now that I will have a little time off from working.

So, for those of you who want to keep your budget reasonable, meet a local person or two (although in our case Rachael is actually from right outside Kansas City of all places) and try something new, I would highly recommend staying at an airbnb property. Or you can just list your own place, which will allow you to save $17 off your first airbnb stay. Thanks for checking in!

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