Friday, July 29, 2011

Water, Water Everywhere

Going home to Maine always makes me think about water. Besides growing up close enough to smell the ocean and sail, I also spent my childhood walking in the woods with my Bumpa and drinking out of brooks and streams - just cupping the water with our hands. He used to tell us it was "special" water - tasting both sweet and having the minerals to make us strong. (As kids you always want to be strong for some reason.) The memories of these times have resonated with me as I have delved deeper into learning more about the current water issues of today.

To those of you living in places where water is not abundant, or maybe clean, you already know what a struggle it is to not have water when you want it. For the majority of us, who have access to a computer and a toilet, we have the luxury of not thinking about what 884 million people who lack access to clean water and sanitation in the world face everyday. It's startling to think about 1 in 8 people in the world not having this basic human need/right fulfilled everyday, let alone the financial, educational and economic impact this has on their lives. I won't go on and on, but if you are interested in learning more about the facts you can read more here.

Also, in an effort to start moving towards working in this sector I am trying to win a week's worth of Tweeting for an organization I love - If you have a Twitter account and two seconds I would appreciate your vote. Thanks for considering!


  1. I tired to vote but I have to start a Twitter acct?

    I just had a freak out with Arthur who wanted me to buy him some water at the store, he was insistent he NEEDED that water. I explained we had perfectly good water at home that came right out of the tap and it wasn't in a plastic bottle. He kept up the insisting until I freaked out about how much of the world doesn't have good water and went on and on about how ungrateful and entitled we can be......yikes, I think he stopped listening after the the "tap". Oh my......keep up the good work Jenn and enjoy your trip to Maine-

    Irene (aunt)

  2. Yeah, you have to have Twitter to vote, sorry. I love the water-"freakout" story, Arthur is so hilarious!