Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Planning Fun

Sometimes planning for vacations can be work, albeit fun work. My mind is spinning a little from the details and plans being made and discussed over the past five days. When I travel for work there is a set agenda with a tiny bit of time for fun but vacations are the opposite. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, I just want to make sure I am keeping everything straight so I don't miss out on something that I forgot to write down or email to myself. I have a lot of things in my head at the moment. In the past five days I have:
  1. Made reservations for the train ride Brian wanted to take in Sedona.
  2. Booked a pedicure for myself at the Amara Resort, where we are staying. Planned to take place the day after we spend hiking.
  3. Booked and confirmed a room for August in Bangor through
  4. Made dinner reservations for our anniversary dinner at the Yavapai Restaurant in Sedona. Since we're celebrating our anniversary a month early we'll get two celebratory dinners this year, woot! I am also ecstatic to be able to have another prickly pear margarita, or two, at the bar before dinner, watching the sun set in the canyon.
  5. Met with Michelle to discuss our Jamaican adventure. We talked river rafting, yoga and just seeing what we could find.
  6. Ordered some Jamaican dollars from my bank.
  7. Packed a suitcase for Sedona and one for Jamaica, since I will only have two days in between trips.
I am sure I am forgetting to do something. I am excited to finally be on the move again, it seems like I have been at home for too long. And I am excited to see red rocks and canyons tomorrow, so pretty! Thanks for checking in!


  1. Jenn-
    Have a wonderful time! For some great authentic Southwestern/Mexican food, check out this place:
    Can't wait to see your posts about your trips!

  2. Thanks Julie, we will check that place out!

  3. Wow! Talk about busy - but it sounds like you have a lot of great things planned! And the prickly pear margarita sounds delicious. I hope you guys have a great time :)

  4. Hey Rachel, yes, busy and happy. I will toast to you when I have my margaritas!

    Thanks Alicia!