Thursday, June 16, 2011

Luxe for Less

They are currently running specials on Mediterranean Windstar cruises, among other getaways.
To my friends who like to travel in style and want to steer clear of a vacation that might be more of an adventure for the wrong reasons, I wanted to share with you my new travel website obsession - This website offers everything from high-end travel experts to help you plan your trip to a listing of beautiful art hotels at discounted prices. Don't read this wrong, this is not a regular "deal" type site where you can get a two-for-one at a chain hotel. Instead it feels like a fancy department store with beautiful photos, clean lines and exotic locals.

They list hand-picked, exclusive deals on their site and you can opt in for a range of emails alerting you to when things go on sale. I think my first foray into the site will be a hotel room for my trip to Chicago in October, the choices are endless. If you are interested in joining and earning a $25 credit, click here. Thanks for checking in!


  1. Oh- I am a jet setter. I am just trapped inside a boring KC, MO life and need to break free. I will most def sign up. Thanks for the travel tip!!!!

  2. Love Jetsetter! We booked our Santa Fe hotel through them at a great price.

  3. Julie, I just caught up on your blog yesterday and realized that you had listed the site too. Great find!

  4. Great and really wonderful. I found this site really awesome.