Friday, June 10, 2011

I Don't Leave Home Without...

I was unpacking my suitcase this evening from my trip to New Orleans - an exciting Friday night, I know. As I was putting back all my things in their normal places, I wanted to share a few things with you that I could never go on a trip without. (This is a supplement to the blog post I did about travel tech toys, I would choose tech over these any day, but these are good too.)

1. Blister Band-aids - perfect for your heels when you've done more walking than sitting and still have more walking to do. Bonus, they stick through a shower!
2. First aid kit - you never know when you might need an alcohol swab! I used some once when I had scraped a rental car on a tree - worked like a charm to restore the bumper to original condition.
3. A healthy snack. You never know sometimes when you might get something good to eat. I like these KIND fruit and nut bars, they have protein and carbs and are pretty tasty.
4. Sunscreen, at least an SPF of 50 or higher. Even if I am supposed to be inside the whole trip, you never know where I might end up and I want to try to avoid any more sun damage.
5. Some kind of 3-in-1 face cloths - I can get lazy on the road and changing climates can be tough on my skin (weird, that sounds like a voice-over line from a commercial) so these let me wash my face and skip the lotion afterwards and get to sleep a tiny bit faster.
6. Stuff sacks - I like keeping the dirt off the rest of my suitcase contents and these make incredible shoe bags.
7. Jewelry case - I'm not a huge Vera Bradley person but I found the perfect jewelry case in the midst of a floral field of purses in a store a couple of years ago. Inside the soft-sided bag there are little pockets and zippered compartments to keep everything organized - perfect!
8. Schick Intuition razors - I don't use these at home but they are so great to travel with. I've used them camping, in a sink and in a normal shower setting. After having many shaving cream container mishaps in my luggage, I finally discovered these. I have used other brands like this but these are the best in my opinion.
What can you never leave on a trip without?


  1. Just going to say Joel, I hope you don't use those two together.

  2. Love those band-aids. I always pack a couple of empty tote or beach bags that can double as carry-ons on the way home, if need be. And if we're renting a car, an ipod aux cord so we can listen to something familiar on the road.

  3. Definitely, I love my AUX cord too! The extra bag is great too, sometimes I remember but seem not to when I actually need one!