Sunday, June 5, 2011

Big Easy: Night 1

Wendy and I skipped a cab to save money and got the airport shuttle bus, which turned out to be a fancy party bus, score!
We were hungry when we landed so after checking into the Marriott New Orleans, we headed out to find some dinner. Known for their fresh, shucked-on-demand oysters, L√ľke was a great Yelp find. After looking up their website, we found out that we apparently found an award winning restaurant as well.
I had the crab raviolis. Yum!
A wonderful meal topped off with some "Gateau Basque".
We're down here for a conference and there are bound to be more adventures to come. We're open to suggestions. Thanks for checking in!


  1. Unsolicited book recommendation:
    101 Places NOT to See Before You Die
    by Catherine Price

  2. Nice, I read an article with a couple of the suggestions, pretty funny stuff!