Thursday, May 5, 2011

What's good here?

My traditional approach to travel is to do some research ahead of time to see what I would like and combine that with what I find as I go. Today I decided I would solicit some advice from Milwaukee locals instead to see what they think is the best. This is what they said:
Best Coffee Shop: Stone Creek Coffee ~ Recommended by Kevin, a salesman - they always have meetings so they would know, right?
A delicious lunch: Boston Latte (honey, espresso and steamed milk) - totally worth the drive, apple and a bag of cashews (not pictured)
Best Fried Cheese Curds: Culver's ~ Recommended by Shannon, a four year resident of Milwaukee. I didn't know Culver's was a Wisconsin company, you learn something new everyday! I was skeptical about a fast food chain having the best of something but I got several local votes for this one. I ran out of time to try it but we have these in Kansas City, so hopefully they too have awesome cheese curds!
Best meat/cheese stores: Wisconsin Cheese Mart and Usingers ~ Recommended by Richard, a volunteer with Visit Milwaukee. I bought some cheddar cheese curds and some spicy beef sticks (for Brian).
Best Brewery: Lakefront Brewery ~ Recommended by Brian's uncle, Mike. Milwaukee is home to Miller, Pabst and many micro breweries. If I had the time I would've gone to a tour or two, but alas, I only had time to drink one.
Best custard (maybe anywhere): Leon's ~ Recommended by Brian's aunt, Irene. The inspiration for the t.v. show "Happy Days", this local legend is open year round and until midnight. They have three standard flavors and a flavor of the day, which was raspberry. It was the creamiest, most delicious custard I have ever had.
I give the raspberry a big thumb up!
So, there you have it - in my four hours of free time today, the best things I heard about. Thanks for checking in!


  1. I am so glad the custard did not disappoint! Raspberry, yum! Next time you are in town I will be sure to stock up on the cinnamon and "green".

    And that picture is awesome, classic. You gotta love Leon's!

    Arthur wondered if you would be back today, he was rather sad when the answer was no..........


  2. Aw, well I will be back at some point and we have the reunion! Love seeing you all - your boys are great! Have fun at the waterpark!!!