Monday, May 9, 2011

To Your Health

A couple of days ago I mentioned a book I was reading that outlines ways to be your most productive, happy, healthiest self. In my post, I had said something about how the book mentioned that sleep is the best way for you to take care of yourself. I also said something offhanded about that not being very ground-breaking information. I would like to retract that now because, while still not the most complex advice in the world, it seems that many people are not following it. People today, on average, are getting less sleep, taking shorter (or no) vacations and are generally running themselves ragged. In our modern world, people report feeling an increased demand on their time and attention and as a result feel drained.

As I have been reading entries to the blog contest (which I am loving - keep 'em coming!) and listen to people day-to-day, I am struck by how many vacation-deprived people there are out there. I realize there are many serious and legitimate reasons for not taking vacation that range from financial to family obligations to not having the time. I know it isn't always practical to take time away from work, family, health problems, etc. but it may be something you can't "afford" not to do.

I have read several books and listened to some podcasts that say vacation and/or taking true, relaxing breaks can be the best way for you to work smarter (not harder), have better relationships, live longer and generally be happier. I realize that I am not the most qualified person to make these suggestions (I'm no doctor) but I personally feel the positive effects of taking a nap or getting away for a little bit on my energy, my productivity and my attitude.

I also understand that I am fortunate enough to have generous vacation time and the financial resources to go places. But, your vacations and breaks needn't be elaborate, long or expensive to give your mind, body and spirit a chance to rest. My wish for all of you out there who are weary, tired and just plain burned-out is that you are able to find a little time soon to let yourself rest and rejuvenate. For whatever it's worth, I give my personal guarantee that you won't regret it!


  1. You always did like your Sunday naps! :) I totally agree that a long vacation is necessary at least once a year with mini-breaks scattered throughout!

  2. All I really want is 6 hours of consecutive sleep! Is that too much to ask? :)

  3. I think it's too easy to forget how relaxing and restorative it is to get away even for a weekend. I took a vacation with david once in the desperate attempt to avoid the men in the white coats. I think that it's good for the mind body and soul to break from your daily sights, sounds, and smells every once in awhile.
    As a matter of fact, I have been known to turn on the wgn ten o'clock news just to fool myself into thinking I was somewhere else, specially, chicago. It's the simple things...

  4. Darn swype..i meant specifically....not specially. Is that even a word? Does swype know redneck eubonics? I learn something new everyday. :)

  5. so agree with your post. i tell people when they say they need a vacation but can't seem to afford time or money wise or don't have vacation time to just simply take a extra day somewhere and treat themselves to a hooky day that includes NOT catching up on work at home. its amazing what it does for the body and mind.

    years ago my husband I decided that vacations and seeing places was our priority in life so each month we put a little away in our vacation fund we treat ourself first so taht we can enjoy our life. life is to short to always be waiting for what you want.

  6. Glad other people are thinking about this too. Vanessa, enter the blog contest and I promise the chance for lots of sleep! Christine, I love the swype! Stampmouse, I agree - that vacation fund is vital!