Saturday, May 7, 2011

200th Post - Blog Contest #2!

Last September I had an idea to share in an adventure with one of my readers. I had so much fun with the first contest, that I decided I would do it again. A few of you voted for your favorite idea a few weeks ago, on the blog and on Facebook, and we have the next contest announcement here!

The winner and I will be taking an off-season cruise together - sometime in the near future. (As I said in the contest ideas post, I am planning on taking on the costs of the cruise - we'll try to find a port that works for both of us when the time comes.)

Here's what you need to do to enter:
  • Comment on this post within the next seven days (by midnight on Saturday, May 14th) and tell me why you'd like to win! (mom, you can do this, just type in the word that appears after you comment to verify you're not a robot)
  • In the interest of close quarters, unless you're my dad or my brother, it's best that you're a female. Sorry guys, you represented in the last contest. There will be more! I'm thinking couples next time.
  • Be ready for a fun adventure!
The details:
  • You'll have the chance to give input on when works for you, where you might like to go, etc. - I am researching some choices right now.
  • You'll be responsible for your own spending money (souvenirs, drinks, spa) but I'll cover the rest.
  • You'll be featured on the blog as we plan and take our adventure together.
  • Anyone can enter, you don't need to know me, we can get to know each other on the cruise! But leave your name so I know who you are.
This is my way of thanking you for reading along and following my adventures. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on the blog on Sunday, May 15th! Best of luck!


  1. I would like to win this because I can't think of something I need more right now than a vacation, some girl time, and a whole lot of u!- Kylie E

  2. Oooooo, fun! Well, I would love, love, love to go on a cruise with you! Fingers crossed :) ~Terri Yetter

  3. Ah, yet another great idea! I might have to bail out of this one and wait for the couples activity. Of course you know why :)

  4. Oh my word Jenn - if you picked me I'd share my Princess Kate nail polish for the fancy nights, and I'd totally tell you if you got the fancy spinach between your teeth. And we'd probably laugh a lot. And I don't snore. **Eeek fingers crossed**

  5. oh this would be something I would dearly love. I love to travel to see anything and do it as much as possible. I have been on several cruises and there is no better way to relax and have an awesome time. keeping my fingers crossed I get picked because where i go really doesn't matter its all about the journey

  6. This is awesome! I should win because 1) I have never been on a cruise where my companion has stayed awake for the adventure. 2) I have a bunch of kids so my vacations almost always involve the word "Disney." 3) Going on a Jenn-guided adventure is on my bucket list.

  7. Oh girl! I would love to win this cause you and I have never traveled together just the two of us. Really, just the two of us haven't really ever hung out (except for the back porch of Grannies) and if that is any indication of the fun we could have...well, Get ready cruise!

  8. Hey Jenn, I would love to go on a cruise with you!!! Several reasons: 1. I have never been on a cruise 2. With my spouse I will never get to go on a cruise(he refuses to go) 3. We travel well together and will treat people the way we want to be treated... :) 4. I LOVE TO TRAVEL!!!! Need I say more? I really hope to get picked and will hold my breath as long as I can...

  9. My brain is screaming to leave you a witty comment but every bone in my body says, I HAVE 5 FRIGGIN KIDS and it's quite possible I no longer possess that ability. --christine

  10. Well...
    1) I would make a great back up singer with you if there were cruise ship Karoake
    2) Never cruised before and I love the ocean
    3) heckofaweek
    4) Love laughing-plan to do plenty of that
    5) I am fair skinned myself so I would not shame you with a killer tan. In that same light, I have some great sunscreen and I would share
    6) You most liklely would not need to purchase a return ticket for me because I plan on staying permanently at said destination.
    7) I would flip with Kylie for the trip because...(see #3)

  11. Well, Jenn...I think we both know it would be a whole lotta fun if we went on vacation together. I know, right? PLUS...if I go with you, and we don't like how we look in our swimming suits after the cruise, I can photoshop our heads on to better bodies for the blog. I'm just saying! Pick me!

  12. Jenn you do share a birthday with my son, so I think that puts me right up there to go on a cruise with you! I haven't ever been on a cruise before, but I am sure I would be a lot of fun. Plus we could have a whole conversation without my children interrupting! I love the idea and I love that you are doing this fun contest! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Hi Jen,
    How cool would it be to have your own private yoga classes on a cruise? (just sayin')
    <3 Tricia

  14. 10 resons I want to go..lorna tipton
    1.I"M YOUR MOTHER !!!
    2.I love to cruise. are my favorite girl in the whole world.
    4.We had so much fun on our Med cruise!!!
    5.I will wear snore strips.
    6.We have seen each other at our worst (jammies,tired,cranky)
    7.I won't try to borrow your clothes(slight size difference)
    8.I've known you the longest !!!!
    9.I know how to take care of you!!!
    10.Our hair matches and we have similar DNA !!!

  15. I think cruising with you would be a blast!!I love
    to cruise, and I love you-- So, what more can I
    say. EXCEPT--- it would be great to spend some one on one time with you!! It has been too long
    since we were able to do that!! Also, I am fully retired now, so my bags are always packed and ready to go!! Hugs, Aunt Leslie

  16. so i was reading this neat blog this morning about how the blogger has been reading about how taking a "vacation and/or taking true, relaxing breaks can be the best way for you to work smarter (not harder), have better relationships, live longer and generally be happier"

    i think these benefits would be even more guaranteed if jenn beard were apart of said vactioning/a true relaxing break.
    a. work smarter...we share an office. imagine the smart working that will flow if TWO of us vacation at the same time.
    b. better relationships...what better way to get to know someone then being stuck on a boat together.
    c. live longer...laughing is guaranteed
    d. generally be happier...drinking is guaranteed.

    plus im a poor americorps member. feel sorry for my lack of income.

  17. There once was a girl named Jenn
    Who generously gave to her friend
    Simply write on her site
    And wait with delight
    Until the cruise on which she will send!

  18. Your friends are too funny! :) I'm totally down for a cruise! As long as you can wait for me to finish roasting this baby in my belly...and then losing said baby belly weight! :) Unless its somewhere cold where I can cover it all up! ;)

  19. This is almost the easiest competition entry ever! I will promise you that i do not snore, grind my teeth, fart while asleep, but i will stay up late and keep you laughing, i will eat snacks in my bed and possibly yours also! I don't drink...but often people mistake me for being somehow intoxicated. Something WILL go wrong on this trip...if something doesn't then clearly it is not considered a vacation. Take me for a cruise, you won't be disappointed! jessica

  20. Being a man of the sea and having a yearning to feel the rocking of the ship once again I throw my sailor hat into the ring of competition. I know how to handle shipboard emergencies if one should arise and can stay calm. I can tell great sea stories and would enjoy the vacation and seeing places I have never been. Most of all I would love cruising with my favorite daughter. Hope I'm the winner!!

  21. Jessica, what's your last name? (don't want to confuse you with other Jessica's) And Sarah, I have your last name now, thanks!

  22. I'd love to win to hang out with you! Two wild and crazy chicks on a cruise? Are you kiddin' me? Kidding aside, it would be wonderful to be away from "it" all" no phone, no computer, etc. Rest and relaxation, I NEED IT!!!!

  23. I should win because I have been on three cruises so I am a very experienced cruiser and can give very good advice on what to do and not do. And my cousin's wife is a cruise travel agent and can probably get us a deal. AND I like to eat a lot so you will never feel guilty going to the buffet five times a day (because I'll be there six for sure).

  24. Okay, I can't not throw my hat in the ring for such a fabulous contest! I hope fate and randomness is on my side when the picking is done. It would be a great time...and we could work up some killer Indigo Girls duets!!

  25. I may get motion sick, but I'm used to nausea by now and I can take zofran and dramamine. Also, I do love to travel and would like to get in a good trip either before the baby or will probably need a break soon after he comes :)

  26. I've been trying to think of a witty entry but jumping in after 25 others, the pressure is just too great! I think a lot of these ladies deserve a break more than I do (the mom of five, for example!!!) but I'd still love to go on a cruise with you :) I think we have a lot in common (we both love travel, yoga - although I'm very much a beginner- and have been to Africa...) and, between the two of us, if might be the most 'blogged about' cruise ever! Plus, I've heard excellent things about cruise ship food....

  27. "Laugh at yourself, but don't ever aim your doubt at yourself. Be bold. When you embark for strange places, don't leave any of yourself safely on shore. Have the nerve to go into unexplored territory." --Alan Alda

    I want to live boldy, laugh and really live! Need I say more? ( :

  28. I would like to win because I'm pretty sure we would drink good beer, eat healthy or at least creative foods and get sunburns while meeting a lot of interesting folks.

  29. Because you need a dance partner who is willing to make a fool of herself alongside you. Nuf said.

  30. I've procrastinated my entry, but soon you will see
    That the wait has been shaping my cheesy poetry.
    Of course I'd love to go on an off-season cruise,
    Doing anything else would be such a snooze.
    What would be better than a vacation with my boss,
    Though without us, the coworkers would be at a loss.
    If you think a vacation with your boss would be bad,
    You need to find a boss more like Jenn, she's rad.
    There's my poem that's not corny at all,
    But if I made it any longer, it'd be too much of a drawl.

  31. Repost (since Blogger ate it):
    Jessica has left a new comment on your post "200th Post - Blog Contest #2!":

    Because you need a dance partner who is willing to make a fool of herself alongside you. Nuf said.

  32. Repost (since Blogger ate it):
    Michelle has left a new comment on your post "200th Post - Blog Contest #2!":

    I would like to win because I'm pretty sure we would drink good beer, eat healthy or at least creative foods and get sunburns while meeting a lot of interesting folks.

  33. What better way to get to know someone than being confined in small quarters in the middle of the ocean?

    Also, if needed, I can speak a little Spanish. Just enough to get into, or out of, trouble. It all depends on your perspective.