Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Travel Mentor

Mentors are great - some help kids read, others give people life skills and the best ones can tell you you're wrong to your face when talking about an issue in a relationship (for example). I have had the privilege of having money mentors, work mentors, life mentors and best of all - a travel mentor. I have mentioned him a couple of times in the blog before, but I wanted to share a little info about him here and invite you to read a blog entry he just wrote for my work blog.

So, my travel mentor is my boss, David. He has traveled to 93 countries and manages to even swing working vacations - right now he's in Bermuda golfing and checking e-mail like you never knew he was gone. (I really need to start doing that too. The vacationing, not the golfing per se.) The best thing about a travel mentor is that he gives me advice about places he's been but also encourages me to have my own adventures and go outside of my comfort zone along the way.

He has lots of books and great pictures to share when you want to talk about a place. I like the miniature flags he has on a shelf in his dining room from every country he has been to. I think that's a way better thing to collect than spoons or shot glasses (sorry spoon and shot glass collectors - you're my number 2 and number 3 great travel collectibles respectively).

David just went back to the village in Kenya where he volunteered for six weeks as a college student, a few years before starting the Youth Volunteer Corps (where I work). His blog entry talks about the trips and the life he's lived in between the two. Check it out here. And here's to finding mentors for whatever you're looking for!


  1. Mentors are healthy relationships, for everyone.

    The link at the bottom is broken.

  2. Thanks for the heads up Brandon, it's fixed now. Everyone probably thought I was making up an imaginary friend.