Saturday, February 12, 2011

+ One

Things are all ready to go for our departure tomorrow. I had a few shaky (emotional) moments today - mostly when I took my engagement ring off to leave at home, but for the most part am doing well. I am nervous and excited about leaving. Last night we had a last minute addition to our team. My friend Charity, who is in the 2nd grade, gave me her "Flat Charity" to take on our adventure. 
The note from her teacher informed me that they just read a book called Flat Stanley where this guy has a bulletin board fall on him, which makes him flat and then he discovers all the great things about being so small and portable. (These are the things I am missing out on by not having kids in the house.) Anyway, the book is pretty cute and their assignment for school is to have someone bring their person somewhere and write about and photograph their adventures. 

I am pretty sure this flat person is going further than most of the other 2nd graders flat people (they suggested taking the flat person to work, the beauty parlor, farms, stores or airplanes) - not that I'm competitive or anything. I am mostly excited that these kids will learn where Liberia is on a map! I am hoping to bring back my flat person in a tiny Liberian outfit but, shhh, don't tell Charity.

I plan on trying to post while I am away, so hopefully I will be able to check in soon. Until then, take care my friends!

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