Thursday, January 13, 2011

Countdown & A Film Fest

We leave for Liberia a month from today! Hard to believe. I wanted to share a link from the U.N. about the work that is currently being done in Liberia for women suffering with fistulas.

Also, I got a cool e-mail today from the Jewish Vocational Services about their upcoming, four month long, international film festival called "The Crossroads of Culture Film Festival". Their aim is to raise money and awareness about their clients' situations, primarily refugees that are living in Kansas City. So, each month they will show a film at the Screenland Theater in the Crossroads district on a Thursday night at 7pm. After the showing they will have an interactive panel discussion.
 The four topics being highlighted are Burma, Immigration/Language/Culture, living with a disability and Somalia. (Click on the topic for the link to the film being shown.) The dates are 2/10, 3/10, 4/14 and 5/12 - and are in order of topics listed. The suggested donation is $10 and I think there are raffle tickets for prizes as well. I am definitely going to the first one. Let me know if you are interested! (For more info visit here.)

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