Saturday, December 18, 2010

There's Just Something About Home

It's been awhile since I was last in Maine, almost one year to the day, but I am back. It's funny how the more time goes by, and the older I get, things that were once familiar seem so far away. Many of my friends and colleagues tease me about how often I talk about the great state of Maine, but coming back here I remember exactly why. There is just something totally different about this state for me than any other state. Flying in and seeing the coast all snuggled in ice and the boats all wrapped in plastic for the winter, I get the feeling of returning to all the things I loved growing up.
My mom's sour cream crescents, magic cookie bars and Oakhurst's eggnog.
 I mostly dig all the food that you can't get anywhere else: whoopie pies (not the fake ones popping up across the country but the ones that come from a recipe that's been around for generations), Oakhurst eggnog, lobster rolls, Amato's Italian sandwiches (which I mostly just have with cheese and tomatoes, salt, pepper and oil - so I know it's not the real deal but it's still good), needhams (which I usually get at Amato's and love telling non-Mainers about how they are made with potatoes), double cheese pizza from Angelone's and many of my mom's favorite recipes.

I love catching up with family and friends, although I usually start to feel sad that I can't see people more often and feel that I am relegated to fill them in on the three or four most current anecdotes about my life while giving them the same twenty minutes to fill me in on theirs. It makes me realize how fast time goes by when I see some people only once a year if I am lucky and so much happens during the in between times. I am glad that we can keep up easier than we used to through Facebook, e-mail and them checking in on my blog. Thanks for doing that everyone and I hope to see you soon!

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