Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bottle It Up

Vacation, no matter where you go, is just a magical thing. If done properly, it can energize and reinvigorate you body, mind and spirit. The trick is always coming back to “real life” and taking some of the freshness with you. I always try to think of how to do this too late and always vow to try to do a better job next time. I always like to bring back coffee beans (to recreate the vacation joe), an article of clothing and/or jewelry (to remind me of where I was when I bought it) and some photo inspiration (see beach chair below). 
Every place I visit reminds me a little bit of places I have been before. Powerful memories of meals, funny mishaps and scenery seen before flood my mind as I experience a new place. It’s weird that my brain feels a need to compare or find the familiar in unknown surroundings. It's a little like deja vu I guess. All I know is I have been very blessed to have had the opportunities to venture out into the world a little bit and that I will definitely be back for more very soon.
The resort from the beach.
Mr. Koi wanted to say goodbye - I think he really wanted me to feed him, which of course reminded me of Rufus, but I don't think he reads my blog.
I think the true success of a vacation is how excited you are to return home and put on your regular life again. With the holidays already in full swing, things are definitely happening that I am excited to get back to. Brian requested a "vacation from his vacation" this morning, I think I can probably figure out a way to make that happen in the near future. I'm nice like that. ;)

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