Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Book of Memories

At one of my bridal showers, many years ago (about ten if you can believe it), one of the elderly ladies [aptly named Bunny Foss - what a great old lady name] in my church gave me this guest book. I remember thinking, "um, okay, this is not something I will ever use," but the thought was nice. I started thinking more about it on our honeymoon in Ireland, where stayed at some of the same places that Brian had been with his family and we found entries from years ago from his grandparents signing into the B&B guest books. It was fun to see who else and from where other people had come and stayed at the same places, especially the people we were related to.

As we returned home, drove from Maine to California to our first home and got settled in, we started having guests. I decided to put the book out and ask people to sign it, hoping for the usual - name, date, where hailing from, etc. What I have gotten since is a collection of little stories of things done with each guest, heartfelt thanks and compliments about Brian's cooking, the things we did together, etc. Not everyone signs it, so I don't have 100% representation of history but it's a gift that meant more to me than I thought it ever would. So maybe if you are traveling this holiday season and you have to find a little extra gift for your host(s) maybe find a little book to give.

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