Sunday, December 5, 2010

7 Wonders of Kansas City: A Blog Winner Weekend

Here, in order of appearance, are the 7 Wonders of Kansas City that were partaken in for blog winner weekend. (Note: there are a million other random and fun things to do here, these are just 7 of them)

1. Vegan BBQ. First stop was lunch and here is the Pulled Jack [Jack fruit] BBQ at FuD, which was truly delicious.
2. Clark's Point. "Views of Kansas, Missouri, and the area's complex waterway system still amaze visitors; educational panels about the expedition — along with a bronze statue depicting the two explorers with their guide Sacajawea and dog Seaman — are other highlights of the spot." ~ from
3. Airline History Museum. Okay, we went here because we thought Santa and some Star Wars fans were going to be there but that was a few weeks ago so we just took the regular tour. We learned a bunch of things about the beginnings of the airline industry, which we both utilize frequently, so it was pretty interesting.
4. Steeple of Light. At this Frank Lloyd Wright-designed church, three beams of light shine up in the air and can be seen from 10 miles away.
5. The Plaza Holiday Lights. As seen on many a holiday lights around the U.S. television shows, the Plaza lights are a sight to see, so we did. The Plaza's architecture, influenced heavily by Seville, Spain, is normally fun to look at, but add lights = even better.
6. Roasterie Cafe. Joel with his soy hazelnut latte. If we had time we would've checked out my favorite tour in Kansas City at the Roasterie, but we had to opt for the new Leawood cafe instead. A nice place for a good conversation and a beverage.
7. The "You're Not In Kansas Anymore" Badge. This activity involved driving into Kansas and checking into Foursquare and then driving out of Kansas and checking into some other state in Foursquare. Not an easy badge to get for non-Kansas City residents!
So, that's it. The quick recap of a 28 hour adventure (counting sleeping time too). We had a good time catching up and checking out some new things. My sincere thanks to Joel for being a willing and fun participant. I am looking forward to the next contest already!


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