Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Who Are You?

I chuckled as I read this article today and easily identified myself as an Outside Flight Ninja/Conflict Resolution Manager but it made me think of who my friends and family are. I'm pretty sure Brian is a less scary version of the Slow Burner. My favorite people to befriend in crappy airport situations are the Expense-Account Drinkers and I am amused by the Oblivious Boobs. There is a description of pretty much everyone I have ever traveled with. There unfortunately isn't a quiz to help you but once you read one that is you, you'll know. So, who are you?


  1. I was just thinking... I've got a nice picture of you to add to your masthead! LOL!!!
    Or maybe the one of you with Missy! :)
    Miss you, girlfriend.

  2. Yeah, I was dancing lightning fast until I blew out the knee!