Friday, July 23, 2010

Tip #2

So, today is a "weather day" for traveling - when everything across the country is affected by one crazy storm - today in Atlanta apparently. We just got an update that our three hour layover has turned into four. This leads me to share another one of my travel "gems" with you. I always travel packed as though I am traveling with a two year-old. By this I mean I have enough snacks, books, videos on my iPod, magazines, chargers and backup chargers to keep me going through whatever layover-land can pitch my way.

For those of you who know me well, this is probably not a surprise, but I highly recommend the method to you as well. It is truly amazing how much more tolerant I can be when I can keep myself fed and busy regardless of what is closed in the airport, how annoyed the people are around me and how badly I would rather be anywhere but stuck in an airport. There are a few people around me right now that I am considering offering a magazine or a granola bar too as I am not sure I can handle to hear them call another person to hear how - "OMG, weather happens". At least I have my trusty noise-canceling headphones which are going to come in

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