Monday, June 7, 2010

The Rest

So, after the last post we took the rest of our time in Miami easy. We went to breakfast at the Big Pink - which if you ever go to Miami - which is totally worth checking out. We then shopped Lincoln Road in South Beach and I may have discovered a pro to having a kid (check it out below). We checked out the beach, had some snacks and went back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding. I unfortunately left my camera at home so all photos had to be taken during daylight and the sunset ceremony didn't work out, so no wedding photos here, sorry.

It was a beautiful setting though and as soon as the vows were exchanged the skies opened up and poured rain. We all went inside and the outdoor tables were relocated to under an awning. We were seated inside originally so we were dry. The rain eventually wore off and we danced the night away. Everything was beautiful. The next morning we woke up late, had breakfast in Coral Gables and went to the after wedding Sunday Funday Pool Party. It was a gorgeous day. We then headed to Fort Lauderdale for the evening and flew out this morning. Not too shabby a mini-vacation, nice to have those excuses like weddings to get away. Congrats Stef & J.M.!
Best french toast ever!
The photo really doesn't do this toddler outfit justice. (Sarah Z. I almost called you to get Anna's size.)
A few minutes before the ceremony began.
Sun starting to set right before we sat down.
For those of you who know me, know my love of cupcakes. This was a beautiful one but I didn't get to eat it. Grabbed it on the way out of the reception, way too late to eat it then. Ate breakfast in the morning and then checked out and headed to the pool. Left it for the maid (with her tip of course) - hope she enjoyed it!
Sunday Funday at the pool!

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