Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I feel fortunate and love getting to go to cool places with work. We have been in New York City for a conference this week and finally had some time to explore and enjoy the city today. From lower Manhattan to Gramercy Park to SoHo to Central Park and everything in between, we walked our feet off. Shopping and eating our way back to the Hilton New York, we soaked in the liveliness and diversity that makes NYC like few other places on earth.

During my time here I enjoyed some flashbacks of my youth in the mid-eighties when my dad was stationed here for three years. Walking along sidewalks that used to house hand-carried dance floor squares for impromptu break-dancing sessions and remembering how my nose used to wrinkle with the scents of the city as the scents of NYC summer wafted in the air. I enjoyed a hot soft pretzel from a street vendor and smiled as I remembered how I used to get one at school (P.S. 26) every Thursday in the cafeteria. However, it was a bit ill-begotten as I technically stole the money from the Girl Scouts to do it.

I just happened to have Brownies on Thursdays as well and dues was $0.50. I guess I reasoned that I had two quarters, so using one for a pretzel was no big deal. My conscience apparently wasn't quite in tune yet, I think I was 6. Anyways, at some point my troop leader pulled my mom aside and said something to the effect of - hey, it's fine that you guys only pay half the dues, don't feel bad about it. My mom, knowing nothing of my pretzel shenanigans, was confused and then the troop leader filled in the part about how I only paid half my dues for about six months. Ah, the memories, pretty sure I got in trouble for that. But man, I still do love a NY hot pretzel, even if I have to use my own money to buy it.

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  1. You were such a trouble-maker!!!
    OH WAIT, what do I mean "WERE"??