Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cool Site

So I fly on different airlines all the time. Since I usually travel for work I often have to go with the cheapest option, not always my preferred airline. In doing this I have accumulated many frequent flier accounts and random amounts of miles on each. I do earn free tickets but they are usually gobbled up by emergency trips home to Maine, weddings, etc. On the less traveled ones I renew my subscription to Money magazine incessantly (I think I now have a Nov 2012 expiration). I can never seem to save them for vacations and I also lose track of all those numbers, expiration dates and levels needed for awards.

Enter,! I just discovered this website this week and I am loving it! It lets me track all my frequent flier miles in the same place and it stores all the details of all my upcoming trips. (I realize I sound like a commercial but you should check it out.)

In other news I tried calling Delta about my missing miles from Jo'Burg to Chicago and struck out again, I had tried to get information this weekend at the Delta ticket counter and they couldn't help me either. Now I am going with my third attempt to fax everything to some agents, we'll see...

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