Saturday, May 29, 2010

Case In Point

So a blog or two ago I mentioned how I was procrastinating more than usual. Remnants of a more laid back way of life in Africa perhaps? Either way, I finally finished unpacking today and vacuumed all the sand that I had tracked into the guest room upon my arrival home. I came across some things I had forgotten about like some dirty socks and some gifts I need to send to my family. Best of all, for my Azafady friends mostly, I came across the "Conservation Proclamation" rap written for the environmental education week. (More proof that my top ten list from before has merit, things are just funnier in the bush and may not translate outside of that.) Enjoy!

(Beatbox intro)
"Saw a girl on the side of the road, she pitched her Bolo wrapper and I said, "Oh no!"
"Trash is whack, you need to put it in a sack"
"I thought don't do that, yo, pollution is cracked"
"Keep your space clean, I don't mean to be mean"

(Chorus sung)
"Because the earth is our friend, keep it clean or it's gonna end"
"Let's learn together, it's our job to make it better"

(More beatboxing)
"When trash sits around it starts to smell, you gotta put it in a bin and compost it well"
"Put it in your garden it helps things grow, mix it all together with a rake and a hoe"
"So this week kids this is what it's all about, we're gonna do things that make you wanna scream and shout"
"Playing, building, learning weeding and drawing -- planting, watering, digging and sawing"
(Chorus out, repeated as many times as you want)

(And just because I am a little behind on posting the rest of the pix, here is a sleeping chameleon just for you.)

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