Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hello from Africa

So, I made it. This will unfortunately be my only post as we go into the bush tomorrow and will be there until I leave. The internet is very slow in the town and I am badly using a French keyboard. It is so much different than I had imagined. Really hot and humid for starters, but good. Hard to believe I am really here. We are in the town of Fort Dauphin now and leave for St. Luce tomorrow. We were supposed to leave today but the bridge we need was out, not sure what difference a day makes but we may drive to the bridge, cross the river by foot over the bridge and get a different car on the other side. We went to a lemur reserve yesterday and had lemurs jumping on us and eating out of our hands. The malaria threat has been repeatedly covered and we are all looking out for it and some sort of flea that burrows into your feet. Ah, the joys of travel. I have been healthy and happy so far so here is to more of that. Thanks for checking in with me and if I can find a connection in the bush you will hear from me again...

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