Saturday, March 13, 2010


When I tell people I am going to Africa they first ask where I'll be and then ask if Brian is going too. When I say no they look sad and say, "What will Brian do when you're gone?" I usually say, "Well, he'll work, hang out with friends and get movies I wouldn't like on Netflix."

When I asked him last night he said, "Cry all day and night and then cry some more."

This is unlikely, but I know he will be lonely. I was in his shoes four years ago when he was in grad school and had to take classes in Rochester, NY, the rest he had taken online. In order to get the concentration he wanted he needed to be there in person. He didn't want to go and leave me but I said it was only three months and we saw each other twice during that time. It's not like I would prefer to be apart, but I think people in a relationship still need their own space. To grow, learn and appreciate what they temporarily left behind. I will miss him too.

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